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Our mission is very clear - to demystify the stock market and other investments so our members can profit.


Investing Education Academy

Demystifying the stock market and other investments.

Leon Noble

IEA Co-founder

Lead Investor at Noble Capital Investments, Co-founder of Investing Education Academy, founder of InvestorIQ a cloud-bases equities research & data analytics platform (MVP release March 2021)

Brent Simpson

IEA Co-founder

VC, Pitch Judge, Stock Investor, Board Member, Owner of Bold Vision & Black Podcasters Power Hub, Co-Founder Linked Leaders Academy & Investing Education Academy, Business Clarity Expert, Growth Strategist, Speaker

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Investing Education Academy is a rich community of investing enthusiasts who enjoy growing their money, meeting new people, and sharing their investing experiences while in a judge free zone. Our youngest member is 15 years old and our most mature member is above 70 years old. Everyone can learn more about investing and IEA is the place to Learn How turn your Money into your Employee.

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February 19, 2021

Welcome to the IEA Ecosystem!

Welcome to IEA. Please look around and see what interest you! If you want to know more about IEA membership in Investing Education Academy check out […]
May 13, 2014

The Birth of Investing Education Academy (IEA)

The IEA Podcast has been recognized by Amazon and is now being listened to around the world. The information found in the Investing Education Podcasts is designed for stock market newbies and seasoned investors alike.
May 13, 2014

Investing Education Podcast

Leon and Brent have been investing in the stock market since 1992. Now they are bringing that information to you, so you can profit.
May 13, 2014

Truth about IEA Membership

If you want to know more about IEA membership in Investing Education Academy check out this section. We show our members how to turn their dollars into employees.
May 13, 2014

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The IEA YouTube station is designed to help it's viewers learn more about the stock market and other investments.
May 13, 2014

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    Leon Noble and Bent Simpson started investing in Mutual Funds in 1992, while in High School per the advice of a friend’s father’s Financial Advisor.  It was the best mistake ever made!  After the initial meeting at the firm’s office, the investing bug had bitten both Leon and Brent.  They began checking the local paper daily to see how their single mutual was doing.  Every time they opened a paper to look for yesterday’s performance they began to take note of how many other investment types they had to pass to read yesterday’s return for their one mutual fund.  Their curiosity was growing beyond their single mutual fund. After a few weeks, they decided to read the mutual fund’s prospectus, which was the moment they realized there was an entire world of investing in front of them and they wanted IN.  They first learned their mutual fund owned a pool of stocks within it.  That is when they put the pieces together.  Their financial advisor should have talked to them about investing directly in the individual stocks instead of the mutual fund, so they fired their financial advisor in 1993 and began teaching themselves over the preceding 25 years. Leon eventually became a self-sustaining Options Trader, which is a feet within itself.  Brent went on to become a stockbroker and later a fully licensed financial advisor for over 15 years.  However, they continued to notice that very few people around them were enjoying the benefits associated with investing in the market as they were.  It was after Leon started acquiring investment real-estate and Brent completed his Advanced Financial Planning course at Georgetown University they began to have a real interest in teaching their community ALL the lesson they learned and share the knowledge of the new associates they met along the way. This birthed Investing Education Academy!