Are Stocks Under $10…

146 0 29 Apr 2020

During our weekly Facebook Live stream last Wednesday we discussed low priced stocks or stocks under $10. The topic came from a member of our private FB group, Jamea. Her question was about investing in stocks under $10 and were there any inherent risks associated with buying low priced stocks. We discussed some benefits and risks associated with this type of investment.

Is It True the…

84 0 29 Apr 2020

Investing Education Academy Leon Noble History has shown that the stock market (defined as the S&P 500) is one of the best places to earn a return on money invested. In financial media you’ll often hear the stock market returns 10% annually. But is this true? The short answer is, no. The stock market does not, in fact, return 10% a year. In 2011 the market returned nothing it was flat, returning 0%, in 2012 it returned 13.41%, in 2015 it returned -0.73% and in 2017 returned 19.42%. What this shows is that, in any given year, the market can return literally any amount. From negative returns to double digit positive returns. The markets annual returns can’t be known or quantified beforehand. But what can be quantified beforehand is the markets average returns over a longer period of time. For example, the markers average return over the last 5 years
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How Did Oil Fall…

85 0 29 Apr 2020

Investing Education Academy Leon Noble On 4/20/20 the price of Crude Oil closed at an astounding -$32 per barrel (yes, thats negative $32). What this means is that typically someone who holds an oil contract, when they sell it they receive the value of that contract in cash. Well not on 4/20, on this day, any holder of an oil contract who went to sell it was actually paying the buyer the value of the contract to take the contract off their hands. This is analogous to you wanting so bad to get rid of an old car that instead of trying to sell it and receive the market value in cash your willing to pay the buyer the market value of your car to take it off your hands 🤯 Oil trades on the Futures market (we’ll cover Futures in a later series) via Futures contracts. These are just
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Why Have Airline Stocks…

84 0 29 Apr 2020

Investing Education Academy Leon Noble Over the last month Brent and I have made 6 stock picks. Each week during our FB Live both of us give our stock picks for the week and some reasons behind the picks. Out of those 6 picks 2 of them, or 33%, have been airline stocks. The other 4 picks are all in different industries. So why is the airline industry dominating our picks? Primary because as we said at the time of the picks the arlirline industry was going to be bailed out by the US Government. Well the bail out has now arrived, and it’s massive! All top brand name airline are participating in the bailout. The bailout totals a staggering $60 Billion! With $25 billion going towards payroll support and another $25 billion in loans for passenger airlines and more than $10 billion in grants and loans for cargo airlines
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Why is the Stock…

82 0 29 Apr 2020

In our Wednesday Facebook Live we discussed why the market is up 20% from its recent low when 22 million Americans just applied for unemployment. Click the link in bio to check out the discussion.

Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth…

170 17 27 May 2018

Investing Education Academy Leon Noble In our weekly Facebook Live we discussed risk/reward. In March of 2020 Saudi Arabia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund bought an 8% stake in Carnival Cruise Lines for about $190 million. Also, a corporate director at Carnival bought $10 million worth of Carnivals stock. So why did both purchases happen now vs. 3 months ago? The answer....the risk is DRAMATICALLY less now in the stock then it was just 3 months ago. This fact was recognized by the Saudi’s, the corporate director and us at IEA. One of our 2 stock picks this week was Norwegian Cruise Lines. The reason we picked Norwegian over Carnival was lightly covered on our FB Live but will be covered in detail in our FB group and members' area. But one of the big reasons is there’s a much higher probability of a stock falling from, $50 to $11 then from
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Microsoft Teams Hits 44M…

93 0 27 May 2018

Investing Education Academy Leon Noble Microsoft is the bluest of all blue-chip companies. What’s remarkable is it started the modern day technology revolution well over 30 years ago. While today stands as THE MOST valuable company in the world; currently worth $1.2 Trillion! Yes, that’s Trillion with a T! Having dominated the tech industry over the past 30+ years Microsoft is now looking to dominate the future of technology. It’s currently number 2 in the cloud computing space just behind Amazon and now has its sights on the decentralized work space. This is often referred to as Work from Home (WFH). Microsoft’s Teams product, which is part of Office 365, has seemingly come out of nowhere to dominate the space. Teams allows workers to collaborate and communicate remotely in real time. While the WFH movement has picked up steam over the last decade the lockdown we’re all experiencing because of
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Restaurant Stocks Secret Weapon…

118 0 27 May 2018

Investing Education Academy Leon Noble In keeping with our investment thesis of focusing on the industries beaten down by COVID-19 in this post were looking at restaurant operators; specifically: Yum Brands (Taco Bell, KFC, Pizza Hut) Darden Restaurants (Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s) Restaurant Brands (Burger King, Tim Hortons, Popeyes) These companies are like mini ETFs because they own multiple restaurants under a single stock symbol. Each company's stock dropped 50-60% from their recent highs but have recovered some with the recent bounce in the market. In this time of social distancing, restaurants, which require people to gather, you’d think would be completely out of business. However, unlike other mass-gathering businesses restaurants have a secret weapon...their drive-thru business. Also, with many not receiving a paycheck and the need to stretch every dollar as far as possible, Americans are turning to drive-thru’s as a way to put inexpensive food on the
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Is Trading A Skill…

80 0 27 May 2018

Today we had technical issues with our Facebook Live so we just recorded a convo between the 2 of us. We discussed is trading a skill and how time in an investment improves odds of success.

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