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May 13, 2014
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May 13, 2014

Truth about IEA Membership

IEA's Mission is to Demystify the Stock Market and other investments, so our members can profit .
Investing Education Academy's vision is to become one of the top financial literacy platforms on the internet.

What I Love about IEA

"IEA has great information. I'm excited to learn about the world of investing from Leon & Brent."

What IEA has done for me

“I’m a fan of what you two are doing. Keep doing what you’re doing, I’m in it for the long haul.”

Investing Education Academy is a rich community of investing enthusiasts who enjoy growing their money, meeting new people, and sharing their investing experiences while in a judge free zone.  Our youngest member is 15 years old and our most mature member is above 70 years old.  Everyone can learn more about investing and IEA is the place to Learn How turn your Money into your Employee.  Our members financial education is our priority.  We show each member how to turn their dollars into employees.


Dr. Bourne “IEA has great information. I’m excited to learn about the world of investing from Leon & Brent.”











Why Join IEA

Because we will teach you better ways of earning interest on your money than keeping it in a SAVINGS ACCOUNT, CD, “SOME” BONDs, or UNDER Your PILLOW…

If you Relate to ANY of the below items You are Dying a slow Financial Death.  Check for yourself. 

  1. If your interest rate is 1% or less annually, you aren’t even keeping pace with inflation.  Additionally, that means it is going to take your money 72 YEARS to double…There is another way!
  2. If you have your money in a savings account, you are probably earning about 1.5% annually.  That means it is going to take your money about 48 YEARS to Double.  So take your current age then add 48 YEARS to it and that’s how long it is going to take for your money to double…There is a better way!
  3. If you keep your money in the house because you think it is safe, you are getting 0% on your money.  That means Your money will NEVER double from earning interest on it.

**Since the inception of the market it has AVERAGED roughly 10% rate of return annually.  That means it would take your money 7.2 YEARS to double…That is a better way! 

Learn how to invest in the market with Investing Education Academy.

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